Fu Clement & Anita

"Different people have different turns in life. Some had great ambitions when they started looking for their first job, hoping for a successful life. Unfortunately, things did not happen just the way they hoped. They might get a job incidentally and stuck with it their whole life. Not until retirement that they realized they had missed many opportunities. If we are willing to seize, we all have a lot of opportunities in our whole life, more than we thought. The Amway business provides unlimited opportunities for you to discover and develop your potential to attain success. To gain and enjoy what you want for tomorrow, you have to make the right choice today. Even if you think you already have a pretty good life, it is very possible that you can achieve a better one through the Amway business."

The success of Anita and Clement is the dream of many Distributors. Today, they are still devoted to developing the Amway business because it has become an important part of their life. "Being meaningful" is the motivation of their dedication in the business in which sharing is an important part and also the main cause of their meaningful life over the past two decades.

"Besides offering quality products, the win-win business model of Amway is the most attractive: before you reach success, you have to first help your Downlines achieve their goals. We have seen so many people who started the Amway business from zero, not knowing what Amway was or how to start, nor having the confidence in running it. Now, many of them have become great leaders," Clement said.

"To be a successful leader, the shortcut is to search for and imitate a successful model. To be an outstanding leader, nevertheless, one still needs to be sensitive, decisive, responsive, ready for any crisis, have a sense of mission, bring hope to the team, constantly self-upgrading, think faster than the team, have a clear goal and believe in Amway's objective –'Helping People Live Better Lives'. With all these qualities, it is not hard to become a successful Distributor. If your target is to become a successful leader, it means you have a desire to rise above the ordinary to become an outstanding person. As you become a member of the elite minority, your behavior and thinking will become different from the majority of people."

"Having witnessed so many Distributors heading towards success, we are so gratified and touched by the meaning of sharing. Gaining success and enjoying the meaning of life are our lives in the Amway business. We are proud to have our Amway business and realize its ideal of sharing."