Executive Diamond Direct Distributor

Lai Benny & Cora

Cora comes from an ordinary family and her only wishes when young were to live a stable life with a steady income, and get married and to take care of her family wholeheartedly. She eventually became a teacher living a routine life until her schoolmate introduced her to Amway in 1984. In the beginning, she developed her business on a part-time basis. With a stable income and business growth, she found the Amway business very suitable for her and committed herself full time in 1994 after marrying Benny.

Ho Alfred & Angela

Alfred was introduced to Amway by a fellow university student, but his parents didn't support his decision to develop the business at first. However, when they witnessed the significant improvements on their son once he started developing the business, they started to offer their full support for the choice he'd made. Meanwhile, Angela's parents were senior Amway Distributors, but their daughter didn't have much interest in developing the business until she attended an Executive Diamond Distributors Rally of her parents.

Li Man Bong & Quintina

Having grown up in a well educated family, Bong's parents always had high expectations on him and he hoped to gain success in purchase cialis life to reward for his parents' love; Quintina had to help her father earn money at a young age and realized that effort was an essential component to success. With excellent academic achievements, the duet received job offers as Information Engineer from prestigious international banks after graduation.

Tse Enosh & Ankey

Having grown up in a business-oriented family, Enosh was eager to start developing his own business, but as he thought his mum and aunt were just selling daily necessities to housewives, he didn't really take much interest in Amway. Only until he attended a Distributors' rally at which an overseas Distributor was invited to be the keynote speaker, he noticed that many Diamond Direct Distributors were very successful, even though some of them were not even 30 years old. What amazed him most were the big profits that were being made.

Chan Hillman & Rosalind

"The Amway business provides a fair platform for us to share this low cost and low risk business opportunity to our friends and families."
Rosalind gave up her job as a flight stewardess and resolutely embarked on the Amway business full-time for more personal time. For Hillman, it was hard for him to find a job when he was a fresh graduate without working experience. "My parents always suggested me to set up a business instead of being an employee," said Hillman. "I now have control over my time and lifestyle, enjoying a free and quality life. This means a lot to me. The more time you spend in Amway, the more rigid your foundation will be and the more time you will have to do what you like. Most of my friends dedicate all their time to their bosses, having no freedom at all! In Amway's world, all you need is the enthusiasm to strive for your own success."

Chan William & Fanny

When joining Amway as distributors, William was running a seafood wholesale business while Fanny was a worker in a garment factory. At first, Fanny just thought of using the opportunity to improve her presentation skills, so she attended training sessions for five evenings every week. Although she did not know the way to introduce a product or develop a business, Amway's training system enabled her to acquire beauty knowledge, presentation and communication skills, etc. The first three years was not easy for Fanny.

Chan Boe & Jolly

People always want to start their own business when they are young, but the cost is often an issue. The dream of Jolly and Boe came true when they came across the Amway business. After graduation, Boe ran errands for his family rice shop. To him, life was a repetition of watching movies and playing mahjong. Setting up a business had never crossed his mind. Jolly was an interpreter for the Hong Kong Police where promotion was based on seniority. She desired a better development for her career, so she started developing the Amway business.

Ng Bill & Mabel

It is Amway that brings Mabel and Bill together. In 1981 and 1982, they joined Amway successively. This provided an opportunity for them to meet, to know, to love, to accompany for a lifetime and move on to another stage in life together. Transforming from two people to five members in the family, Amway not only plays the role of the matchmakers for Mabel and Bill, but also the guardian for their family. Apart from tremendous amount of love and support, the Amway business fulfills their dreams by allowing them to contribute their time freely to the family.