Diamond Direct Distributor

Gary Ka & Jase

Gary knew about Amway when he was an undergraduate in Canada. After returning to Hong Kong, he started the Amway business on a part-time basis while having a full-time job. Even though his job was stable, it could not secure him from unpredictable crises in the future. His wife, Jase, she was a secretary, also shares the same thoughts. After the two of them started Amway business, they achieved Emerald Direct in just 4 years.

Cliff Lui & Renee

When Renee attended Shanghai Fudan University, she was awarded full scholarship to study Finance in Hong Kong. She graduated with first-class honors, and was recruited by one of the world’s top five largest investment banks as a financial analyst. During the financial crisis in 2008, Renee realized the insecurity of traditional jobs even though she was not affected. Meanwhile, Cliff, husband of Renee, is a lawyer. Cliff has a quiet personality and was raised in a strict family. At his age of 16, he was accepted with priority by a local world-class university.

Zhao Li & Annette

Annette was a senior financial consultant. Later, she became a nutritionist in the pursuit of better health for her family. Amway becomes a platform for her to develop her talents and business. Meanwhile, Li had been engaged in different businesses in mainland China over the years. He did not agree with Annette’s “business” at first. He knew it was not easy to start up a business because of the different challenges. After a few years, he observed the positive changes of his wife.

Ho Janus

"Nothing is impossible. Willpower determines everything," the motto of Janus concludes her success story in Amway. The dazzling Diamond road is never easy, especially for Janus who keeps her full-time job and develops Amway business only on a part-time basis.

Wang Byron & Amanda

Amanda was once a Human Resources Manager, she met her husband Byron while studying at University in Taiwan. Byron's proficiency in Korean and Mandarin led him to meet an experienced Amway Taiwan leader with some translation work then. However, he did not join Amway at that time, instead, he set up his own travel agent business after graduated. Amanda and Byron later got married. Unfortunately due to unstable economic situations, Byron needed to wind up his travel agency in Hong Kong.

Fu Ben & Moon

Ben has worked in a number of different fields, ranging from a traditional family embroidery business to running his own business. He encountered various difficulties in each of his ventures yet later he was introduced to Amway business and it was the first time he realized how Amway business can give full protection to him and his family.

Lam Lewis & Lilian

Born in Vietnam during the war; moved to Hong Kong to earn a living; studied hard at night school after working during the day; migrated to Australia and kept up with part-time studies in the quest for a better life... Lewis' path has not been easy. "I only realized the importance of work-life balance after being promoted to management level in the hotel industry. I wish to get back some freedom in life and spend more time with my family. My wife and I decided to set up our own restaurant. However, my family was working flat out.

Chan Ellina

Ellina comes from an ordinary family. Her parents are strict and made most decisions for her. As a result, she became quite passive and introverted until she was introduced to Amway. At first she just started out using the products, but then she developed the Amway business on a part-time basis when she decided to take on the responsibilities of sponsoring her new-found downline.

Yau Robert & Annabella

Possessing the right kind of acumen and foresight, Annabella ran a number of businesses, all of which achieved real success. With her rich experience she eventually chose to develop the Amway business.

Lam Ngo Fan & Wai Yee

Spark has an MBA qualification and a Bachelor's degree in nutrition. His wife, Mimi, was a paediatrist in Taiwan. In 1992, one of Spark's friends wanted to develop a business with Amway Nutrilite and asked him for advice, so he started to learn more about Nutrilite. With his career goal of improving the health of others in mind, Spark realized Amway could provide the platform he was looking for to help him achieve his ambition by recommending Nutrilite products to people with health problems.