About Us

CA Network was founded in 1998 by Amway Crown Ambassadors Clement and Anita Fu. Clement and Anita were not born into wealthy or esteemed families, but through their decision of pursuing a business in Amway, they were able to attain prosperity, respect, and a luxurious lifestyle. Holding their belief that all individuals are blessed with useful talents, they have developed various methods to build up on the natural talents of all individuals, allowing them to find a pathway for personal growth. With their high ambition, strong determination, and unending perseverance, they succeeded in becoming the first Chinese Crown Ambassadors in the world in 1991. After this achievement, their career, lifestyle, and family life experienced a drastic change. Following their passion for the Amway business, they have expanded their career to an international level. As of today, their business has reached countries from all over the world, including Hong Kong, China, America, Canada, England, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

Today, Clement and Anita no longer work for the basic necessities of their own lives, but to bring hope to less fortunate people, allowing them to gain self confidence, have ambition for their futures, strive for excellence, and to live better life.